When travelers cross this region, as big as a small European country, he/she finds different landscapes: the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, its wide coast, and the infinite green of the plains of La Pampa that masters the views. All of them are suppliers of their tables. Although Argentine meat is considered one of the best of the world, cattle not always was in these lands. It arrived, it adapted and reproduced making their field an appropriate habitat for a tasty and exceptional outcome. Men collaborated with this success: they worked a lot for the improvement. This joint effort, natural as well as human, was translated in meats which are a symbol of Argentina and its people, and which are enjoyed roasted in different ways. The beef that is made almost as it was ever, with the flesh extended, even with the skin, in an iron cross on the flames of intense woods, or the one that needs little firewood. All of them are inviting and wonder those who arrive to these lands. Cattle provide also the milk with which cheeses are made of, a task that requires knowledge and patience. Also, other animals like pork, were raised to use its meat, tasted fresh or processed in sausages with local and inherited recipes. Besides, in this zone very good goats are raised as well.

The fertility of soil offers a great variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals and flours. This landscape would not be complete without mentioning the wide coast that borders the region, were live many sea species. Rivers claim to be discovered and toured. From them exquisite fishes are extracted, the food that fills the soul of the most demanding tastes.

Gastronomía Regional Argentina

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