Being the geographic center of the country it is a land of sierras and pastures mixed with as many herbs that it is said that breathing this perfumed and clean air is since always, healing, Its landscape is also decorated with rivers and lagoons of calm colors. In their wild zones the green hills are interrupted by the apparition of goats, for example, which while eaten those wild weeds, they have a special milk, with which particular and tasty cheese are elaborated. Or you can find kids, of tender meat that are raised or eaten in multiple cooking, although specially roasted, to enhance its flavor. Also the center is land of pork production, with which sausages and cold meats are elaborate with immigrates recipes. Some like the Caroya salami are famous and have their own national festival. Bovine cattle also has its place in this zone of good meats. The milky production derives in the thick “dulce de leche” and cheese of different flavors and textures, with pastas tender, hard or half hard. To these products, at the time of cooking, you can add many others, like types of honey, enriched with the aroma and flavor of the local flora. Or the extra virgin olives that grow from the olive groves, same centenary and rewarded abroad. Cereals and good flours are other of the distinctive products of the zone, so in every scale of the way, it is possible to taste homemade breads, country styled and well done loafs. The calm and peace, silence and pure air are the key ingredients of this region, where there are many moments for chatting and of course drink vermouths. You must not forget the local herbs are so aromatic that you can make with them very famous, common and recognized beverages like Fernet.

Gastronomía Regional Argentina

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